Well I'll be, Snoop Dogg got an actual Xbox Series X fridge

Luke Hardwick

3 years, 3 months ago

Xbox Series X Fridge

As if we needed another reminder of what late capitalism looks like, Microsoft has apparently hooked Snoop Dogg up with a full-sized Xbox Series X refrigerator.

The rapper had initially posted a video of said refrigerator on his Instagram, which gave viewers a close-up look at its matte black exterior and refrigerator-ish looking interior. Clearly Snoop wasted little time in putting his new appliance to use, as it contained an Xbox Series X cake and, amongst other things, enough bacon and eggs to satisfy even the likes of Ron Swanson.

The video was later taken down - presumably at the behest of Microsoft - for reasons still unknown. The current scuttlebutt is that a collaboration might be in the works between Snoop and the Seattle-based company, and the fridge reveal might have jumped the gun on whatever it is they have planned.

Fortunately, nothing posted on the internet is ever truly gone, as the video has already been saved for posterity and can still be viewed in its entirety.