Konami renews trademarks for Castlevania, Metal Gear Rising. Sets everyone up for disappointment

Luke Hardwick

2 years, 10 months ago

Metal Gear Rising - Raiden

Trademark renewals aren't normally a very sexy occurrence. In fact, they happen all the time, and usually nobody pays much attention. But when it comes to Konami, you know, the game publisher that hasn't done a whole lot of game publishing in recent times, people tend to pay attention. Why? Because those of us that are still waiting on Konami's executives to experience a change of heart - either by divine intervention or a stroke - and decide that making video games is a worthwhile investment. Why yes we do like to suffer needlessly.

That said, the once-renowned publisher did recently re-up on their trademarks for both Castlevania and Metal Gear Rising (of all things). The filings, spotted by Gematsu, are pretty straight-forward and - if I'm being completely honest with myself - likely amount to nothing. At worst, Konami is just doing their due-diligence to protect their IP and at best, mean that your local casino will be getting a couple of new slot machines in the near future. Yea, the fact that those two are completely interchangeable says it all.

But hey, a guy can dream, right? It's not like Konami has been living in a vacuum all this time. Theoretically somebody over there has heard or seen the public outcry for them to get back into the video game business. No, you're right. I'm simply giving them too much credit.