Among Us may bring out the worst in your friends, but it brings out the best(?) in its fan art community

Luke Hardwick

3 years, 4 months ago

Among Us is getting some Great Fan Art

If you didn't know, Among Us has absolutely exploded in popularity over the past month or so. Prior to the boom, Among Us saw an active player base in the double digits, where as now there are roughly 200,000 concurrent players on a Wednesday night. Although Among Us has been around since 2018, its sudden popularity in the latter half of 2020 can be attributed to Twitch, or rather, being picked up by some prominent streamers. Since the game's premise and gameplay loop makes for excellent audience fodder, it's no wonder why it has become an latent overnight phenomenon.

Among Us's unflinching use of subterfuge to create an addictively dynamic experience might have caused irreparable damage to interpersonal relationships around the globe, but what is has given us is an abundance of fan art, memes, and even cosplay.

Since this is the internet we're dealing with, it should go without saying that some of this stuff is NSFW.